A Vegetarian Diet Is A Healthy Plant Based Diet Essay

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A total vegetarian diet is a healthy plant-based diet. Our choices are not limited by being a vegetarian, we are healthier without meat (Foer ). A total vegetarian diet provides people with the most diet-derived health benefits.
A total vegetarian diet provides people with the most diet-derived health benefits because it helps prevent some major heart problems. A carefully planned vegetarian diet with an adequate amount of nutrients can prevent cardiovascular disease (Sticher et al.). Vegetarians have a lower chance of developing cardiovascular disease because they have lower cholesterol levels and blood pressures. Typically, vegetarians have somewhat lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure because they do not eat fatty foods or meat. High-fat foods cause a lot of diseases and can eventually lead to cardiovascular disease. Fruits and vegetables are low fat foods that could possibly provide protection against cardiovascular disease. Vegetarians tend to eat more fruits and vegetables than people who eat meat. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States, killing about 1 million people annually. This diseases is more prevalent in non-vegetarians than vegetarians. The standard American diet, which is high in saturated fats, processed foods, and complex carbohydrates is killing us. A plant-based diet helps reduce cardiovascular disease. Further, vegetarian diets help prevent heart disease. Red meat and processed meat products are the…

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