Essay on A Vacuum Of Death By Greg Campbell

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A Vacuum of Death
Greg Campbell’s Blood Diamonds is a didactic narrative of the atrocities that have pursued throughout the Sierra Leone over the natural resource of diamonds. Campbell gives vivid detail into the realities behind the beauty of diamonds through the tales of smugglers, RUF victims, and his investigative research on this valued resource. This piece illuminates the key issues of exploitation and corruption that are carried out by smugglers and rebel fighters, and fueled by international corporations and governments. This paper will be centered on the concept of why the diamond is a blessing in Africa; morphed into a curse. In order to research the origins of the civil war that erupted in 1991, Greg Campbell, a journalist, travels to Sierra Leone in 2001. Campbell is able to do this by interviewing the civilians of the conflict area, such as Ismael Dalramy, whom describe the horrors that they have lived through. By grasping a glimpse into the daily fears of mutilations by the RUF, Campbell understands that these people have fallen victim to something that they have no control over; the ever abundant mineral—diamond. This mineral had become the essence of power within the region and whoever controlled the most was able to reap the benefits of its capital reward. In order to find out how these diamonds were funding the civil war Campbell meets with Jacob Singer and a few other diamond smugglers. While in correspondence with these smugglers he is able to clearly…

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