Essay on A Utopia From Latin America Countries

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A Utopia to Latin America Countries.
It is not easy to determine what kind of government should be applied in order to get an ideal state because it would be tantamount to find the model that can meet the needs of one of the members of that state, which in terms implies a realistic utopia. All efforts to undergo those composed of human beings, look beyond the physical needs that would be understood as those that establish the conditions that permit its members develop their skills and capacities to exploit their potential. History has shown that there are no perfect state organizations and most models have failed in the attempt to set up an appropriate state for the interests of citizens.
Certainly, there are models that are closer to what might be called to reach an ideal state. There are others that are on the contrary, far from meeting even the basic needs of citizens. It is true of the different currents that can influence the organization and development of the state, at least in theory, are based on extraordinary intentions that consider the individual citizen and the community as the main purpose of the state. However, governments are run by people, for whom at times, the ambition of power and the necessity of keeping it become the center focus of all their decisions.
Thus, “when the will to power is in charge, the higher the ideals, the lower the results” (Lao-Tzu 5). The ambition for power directs the actions of the rulers. The results are never favorable to the…

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