A Utopia By Thomas More Essay

815 Words Oct 27th, 2015 4 Pages
Every society has the makes to be either a dystopia or a utopia. Thomas More outlines why he thinks his society is corrupt. Then tries to show that it is possible have no corruption to create a utopia. More talks about the citizens, governments, and equality between his society and the utopia and their differences. However, many of the problems faced in society still cause problems today. One problem faced by the people is how the citizens are treated badly. The people that become thieves as a way to feed their selves or their families are given harsh punishments. Thieves are being given the same punishment as someone who has murdered someone. More thinks that this is the result of the government not educating its people and then expecting them to take care of themselves. The act of thievery is the result of people working for lazy noble men who teach there attendants nothing, which leads to their uselessness and eventually stealing. The biggest problem with the punishment is that it will eventually lead to simple thievery turning into murder because they are being sentenced like murderers. However, these ills can be fixed and More uses Utopia to prove it. The Utopian society do not face the ills that More’s society face. In the Utopia people are not lazy, they work most of their days. By having people work it eliminate the thought of people being useless. If people are not useless and everyone works then it limits people from having to thieve and be punished. Also, in the…

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