A Unique Culture Or System Of Shared Meaning Essay

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Every organization has a unique culture or system of shared meaning (Griffin, 2012) that defines the group and shapes its culture from within. To put it another way, an organizational culture “consists of ways of thinking, acting, and understanding work that are shared by members of an organization and that reflect an organizations distinct identity (Wood, 2012, p. 277).” The degree to which an individual’s personality, moral code and professional goals align with the corporate culture are what often lead them to define the company as a “good” or “bad” place to work and dramatically affects job satisfaction. From an anthropological perspective, when a corporate merger takes place, an intercultural assimilation occurs in which the dominant group incorporates the subordinate group into its existing organizational structure. Although this process is relatively easy, it is rarely simple. The quality of leadership, management style, and predominate communication practices, can either facilitate or hinder successful integration and directly affects the performance and satisfaction of hierarchical subordinates. In this paper, I will examine some of the conflicts that occur, their root cause and suggestions for mitigating their severity during the process of a corporate merger.
Cultural Conflict
In most cases, cultural conflict between organizations is inevitable primarily because there are frequently fundamental differences between the organizations that manifest within each…

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