Essay A Unified Approach

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The Abrahamic Covenant was established in Genesis 12:2-3, this is the first time God spoke to Abraham and instituted this unconditional covenant. The importance is magnified for now we can understand the purpose that God has intended for Israel. The covenant required nothing of Abraham for God’s promise to give him land, descendants and above all nations would be blessed through him per Genesis 15:18-21. The development for this blessing is the faithfulness of Abraham. In Genesis12:1 the land is the primary focus that God would give to Abraham and in Genesis 12:2 God is promising Abraham that he will make of him a great nation as well as his many descendants. Moving ahead the question is whether this promise will take place spiritually or literally. As one would imagine there are differing opinions of whether we should be concentrating on Ethnic Israel or the Church. This paper will attempt to view the research as a unified approach.
1 Unless otherwise noted all biblical references are in the NIV Bible (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2000)

Literal View

If one engages only in the Old Testament we could be certain that there is a place for Israel. Today our belief and our answers are derived from the New Testament as to the nature and the Word of God. Galatians 3:29 discusses the inheritors as those who already belong to Christ, according to Davis, “A New Testament understanding of the Abrahamic Covenant fully…

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