A Typical Ibi Team : An Applied Behavior Analysis Essay

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A typical IBI team consists of a Program Manager, an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Consultant, a Clinical Supervisor, a Senior Therapist, a Lead/Primary Therapist and Instructor Therapists. Each of these professionals have different job descriptions, and offer unique skills and abilities that are useful in giving support to a child with ASD in addition to their family. Perry (2004), outlines a theoretical model for understanding stress which essentially includes four main components: stressors, resources, supports and outcomes. This model has been put together using a variety of literature resources, in order for professionals to understand and apply this theory to their occupation. This model can help us better understand as professionals what a family may be experiencing, and how we can be empathetic to these situations, and hopefully assist in a positive experience and outcome. This article relates to the work of an IBI team because it gives the members an outline of what stress may be and how it may be exhibited differently or affected by different factors across different families. In general, this theory is beneficial for professionals to consider, as they will be in regular contact with the families while working collaboratively. Additionally, it is important for the IBI team and the family/parents of the child with ASD to work together and communicate as a whole, as family stressors or changes in family systems may affect the intervention of the…

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