How Did Judy Get A Typical Day In The Military

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Judy was not born in the United States, her parents come to America when she was only a little baby. She was always proud of her parents for taking the risk and leaving their old country, which was Mexico, and packing up the family and coming to America to start over. It was always her parent’s plan to try to get a better life for themselves and for their children. Judy was growing up with her younger brother on the streets of New York. After getting her high school diploma, her future plan was to go to college. Judy quickly realized that her parents did not have the means to pay for her college education. One of her dream was growing up to earn a college education and be the first one in their family to reach that goal. Without getting any …show more content…
Since her divorce from her son’s father, her life becomes much-much harder. “And it was not easy before that either” now she has to everything by herself. And for her it feels like that the army does not care about her personal problems. The army like always; expecting results from her. A typical day in the army starts with physical training (PT). Just the training by itself would be stressful enough, but her stress levels double up because she has to take care of her little boy first before physical training. Unfortunately the day care and the morning training start at the same time. Her son cannot be dropped off sooner, but she also cannot be late to the PT session. Every time she is late her supervisors and fellow soldiers give her the evil eye. Because of her tardiness she has already received many reprimands from her supervisors. She feels like that her supervisors do not sympathize with any female single mother in the army. And let’s not even talk about if her son gets sick, the day care center will not let him stay there, until he gets well. When times like that come up she has to get permission from her supervisors to leave work to take care of her son while he is

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