Brief Summary Of The Book 'Unbroken' By Louie Zamperini

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Unbroken is a true story of Louie Zamperini, the novel starts off in his childhood where he was nuisance to the neighborhood and thief known only for making astounding getaways. The only way Louie’s family could keep him in line was by forcing him in to running where he excelled. From starting a child whose lungs were ruined by pneumonia as a baby he worked hard with his brother to become a man that competed at the olympics at the at of 19, Louie would become a legend in his hometown of Torrance California. He competed in the Berlin Olympics but lost, so he set his goal on running the 1500 meter in the 1944 olympics, but his dream was crushed as the U.S. was forced into entering world war 2. Louie, like many others, felt the call to serve in the military, he chose to join the Air Force, where he and his crewmates would become one of the best bombing crew in their division. Louie’s plane would crash into the pacific, being brought down by a faulty plane rather than the enemy. He and his best friend would survive through 46 days of living on a raft in the ocean, and dangerous conditions in POW camps all over Japan ‘til the end of the war. Though it would seem that the worst was not yet over, Louie would suffer through years of PTSD and pain brought on by the experience, but Louie would make it through to become a happy old man who would carry the olympic torch and then live to the …show more content…
This quote not only is vital to understanding how brutal the war was but, it was also beautifully crafted. It truly makes you feel as if you are in the plane with those men, watching as plane rushes headlong at you, fearing for your life. For me this is one the quotes in the book that got my heart racing, because though you can assume the outcome, it’s scary to think of how easy it is to die in

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