A True Friend Has Changed Over Time Essay

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A true friend accepts who you are but also helps you become who you are supposed to be. The definition of a true friend has changed over time. “The Japanese have a term, Kenzoku, which translated means “family”. The connotation suggests a bond between people who’ve made a similar commitment and share a similar destiny. It implies the presence of the deepest connection of friendship, of lives lived as comrades from the distant past.” (Lickerman, Alex. “The True Meaning of Friendship.” Psychology Today. N.p, n.d. web.) Comparing that to the daily life today, people may agree or strongly disagree with that definition. However, my definition of a true friend is someone who supports you and your decisions, brings out the best in you, and will put their problems aside in order to make yours a priority. Being a true friend means to support you as well as your decisions. My friend, Kamrie, has been there and supported me through every obstacle she has been around for. We have known each other for little over a year but it feels like it has been a lifetime. There is a quote that states “It’s not about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who came and never left.” She has supported me and my decisions while no one else did. For example, I was having a rough time with my mother that ended with me making the poor choice of running away from home, at that moment I felt as if I had no one. Kamrie, of course, listened to why I chose to run and was there to comfort me but was also…

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