A Troubling Life Of Women In Malcolm X's Life

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Malcolm had a troubling life that had its struggles and would get better along the way. Malcolm was a hard-working men who wanted to fight for his rights and get what he needed to survive in this world. Although Malcolm was not able to do this on his own if it wasn’t for the women in his life. Women in his life would help in a tremendous way and would also help him stronger mentally as well. Women would in Malcolm’s life would play a major role and have a significant impact on his life.

The first women in Malcolm’s life would be his mother Louise. She was a hard working women who had to support the family the best she could once her husband would past away. She was able to get really good jobs because most people believed that she was a white
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Ella was a woman who would work hard and would fight for what she believed in as well. She would come over as a woman who was proud to be black and she didn’t care who had a problem with it. She would some of her family to Boston to help them get up off their feet and start their life from scratch. Ella would convince Malcom to come to Boston with her, where she would help him get off his feet. Once Malcolm got to Boston he would lead himself into the ghetto that would be poolrooms, bars, or grocery stores. Malcolm would soon try to find a job to impress Ella that he could find a job on his own and that his move to Boston would not be a waste of time either. As it says in the book ‘’I wanted to find a job myself, to surprise Ella’’ (Haley Chapter 3). This quote will show how Malcolm was trying to be productive in Boston and trying his best to stay out of trouble and do the right thing. This would lead to him meeting Shorty who would get him a job in the bar where he do his best at the job. Soon Malcolm would use the job to do hardcore drugs which would lead to him drinking and staying out late. Through all of this Ella was one of the few people who didn’t lose faith in him and she believed that he would change somewhere down the line. Through all the stages of his life, Ella would be the person who would stay on his side and knew that god would help him in the long run. Ella would …show more content…
Sophia was a very attractive white woman hat would catch the eye of Malcolm quickly. Sophia was very attractive to a lot of Negro men and she also had a thing for Negro men herself. She would soon become Malcolm’s girlfriend for several years and they were in love with one another. Malcolm was intent as using Sophia as a status symbol that would make him seem as if he was a powerful black man. Soon Malcolm would become a hustler that would lead to run in’s with the law. He would have Sophia along his side and helping him with all of this in the process. He would commit a Burglary with Sophia and some friends, where they would later get caught and sent to prison. He would get an extended time in prison for sleeping with a white woman. This would affect him tremendously in a major way. As it would say in the book ‘’The Sentences to run concurrently’’ (Haley Chapter 9). This quote will explain that he is going to be in prison for a while because of what he did and know that he must pay for what he has done. This would be an effect on how his life would change and how it would change in the person he would become. It also shows how that white woman would hurt his life tremendous and would have him in prison for a

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