A Tropical Depression Developed Form A Low Pressure On August 28

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A tropical depression developed form a low pressure on August 28, shortly after moving offshore the west coast of Africa near Dakar, Senegal. After a reconnaissance aircraft flight on September 1, the depression was upgraded to Tropical Storm Dora.[6] It then curved northeastward and continued to strengthen. By early on September 3, Dora became a Category 1 hurricane. Six hours later, the storm reached Category 2 intensity. Intensification slowed somewhat, though Dora became a Category 3 on September 5. Deepening further, the peaked as a Category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph (215 km/h) and a minimum barometric pressure of 942 mbar (27.8 inHg) early the following day. At 18:00 UTC on September 16, Dora weakened to a Category 3 hurricane, then a Category 2 hurricane while curving westward early the following day. However, later on September 17, the system re-strengthened into a Category 3 hurricane.[2]

Approaching the east coast of Florida, Dora 's motion became erratic, making a few cyclonic loops. Around 04:00 UTC on September 10,[22] the hurricane made landfall near St. Augustine, Florida, with winds of 115 mph (185 km/h). Two hours later, Dora weakened to a Category 2 hurricane. However, deterioration then slowed, with the hurricane falling to tropical storm intensity over Jefferson County on September 11. Dora then briefly drifted over southwestern Georgia, until turned east-northeastward late the next day. Early on September 14, the storm re-emerged into…

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