A Trip to the Oregon Coast Essay

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Imagine a place where you can sit on the beach as the waves roll in; the smell of the sea and fresh fish cooking in the distance at a nearby restaurant. A place where you can experience a thrill of blasting over the sand dunes at high speeds in a buggy, visit aquariums, and see wildlife up close. Imagine a place of relaxation, watching the whales migrate across the ocean. A place like this can only be one of a kind, the Oregon coast. The Oregon coast would be a great place to spend a vacation, it’s inexpensive and relaxing. So how much would it cost to go to the Oregon coast? What kinds of attractions would one be able to see? Is there stuff for the kids to do as well as adults? What kind of food do you get to eat when you go to the …show more content…
At one point in time the aquarium’s main attraction was Keiko the killer whale; it made the aquarium its home between 1996 and 1998 before being moved to the Atlantic Ocean (Online Travel Guide: USA, 2008). The aquariums recent and newer exhibit is the Passage of the Deep. The Passage of the Deep is one of the few acrylic undersea tunnels that are surrounded by gallons of salt water along with multiple kinds of live fish and sharks, not to mention the shipwreck to add the illusion of being an underwater explorer. Visitors will also be able to interact with the sea lions along with the fun and thrilling sea otters. The Oregon Coast Aquarium admissions are as follows: adults (13-64) $14.25, seniors: (65+) $12.25, youth: (3-12) $8.75, children: (0-2) are free (Oregon Coast Aquarium, 2008).
The Hatfield Marine Science Center is another place that has a lot to offer. The center is located at the Oregon State University’s marine research facility. The center allows visitors to take tours and interact with today’s marine biology. It also exhibits and displays highlighted research that is conducted by over 200 marine scientists. It offers nature walks and guided tours to a variety of aquariums that feature live undersea life. There are no admission costs for the Hatfield Science Center, but tourist should consider donating money to help keep the science center alive for future patrons (Marine). Along with the aquarium and

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