A Travel Agent For World Points Travel Agency Essay example

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Surface issues. Helen works as a travel agent for World Points Travel Agency. She works part time because she likes a flexible schedule since she has a young daughter. This job gives her a chance to get out of the house, and it pays for the school’s expenses for her daughter. From the beginning, everything went well at the travel agency, and she was asked to join the employee’s association even though she only works part time. This association consults with management in making policies for the agency and employees. Everything was working out for Helen until the association decided to make some improvements to their image. The group recommended that the company’s image should be updated to a more European image, so they suggested changing the names of the vacation packages and updating the office decor to this image.
The trouble arose when the group decided to implement appearance standards for the employees. Employees who deal directly with the public were asked to look attractive and professional, wear outfits that reflect current European fashion, and keep their weight within the optimal weight range for their height and bone structure. Helen met with two of the members, and they asked if she could lose 40 pounds within the next six months. Helen did not think this request was reasonable, and it put too much pressure on her. The members stated that she was a member of the group, so she shouldn’t view it as something the company is forcing on her. Helen is…

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