A Trans Woman From Norway Essay

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Human Rights

Transgender individuals, both in Australia and all throughout the world, face many issues in regards to basic human rights in their day to day lives. Three prominent cases that outline this are: a trans woman from Norway, John Jeanette Remø; a trans teenager from America, Leelah Alcorn; and two Australian transgender teenagers, Sam and Terry. These cases highlight various discrepancies in worldwide legislation protecting the rights of transgender people – for example, in Norway transgender people are forced to undergo a medical sterilisation and diagnosis with a mental illness before their gender can be legally recognised (Amnesty International, 2014). This, however, directly conflicts with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 5, which states that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Leelah Alcorn’s case also highlights conflicts with article 5, with regards to ‘Conversion Therapy’, a harmful and traumatic practice that aims to wrongfully ‘correct’ a patient’s sexuality or gender identity (NCLR, 2015). However, because of Leelah’s death, there have been petitions to ban the practice of conversion therapy in America through the passing of ‘Leelah’s Law’ (Anon., 2014). In Australia, RE: Sam and Terry (Gender Dysphoria) is the case of two trans teenagers seeking permission to undergo Stage 1 and 2 treatment for gender dysphoria. However, the requirement of a court appointment to receive…

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