Essay on A Tragic Hero As A Good Man

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A character is like chess pieces on the chess board. Destiny is also like chess pieces on the chess board. There are numerous paths to get to the other side. We sometimes know or don’t know which paths to take. We also sometimes know or don’t know what our destiny is. How do people get to know their own character? What do we do once we know our destiny? Once we know, how do we know we are going down the right path to get to the other side without getting eaten by the pieces? Will people feel scared once they made the wrong choice? Like a chess game, there are obstacles and sometimes unpredictable moves by the opponent that will lead to the destiny of the game. Just like how Oedipus’s character and actions combine with random events determines his fate.
Oedipus fits Aristotle 's definition of a tragic hero as a good man. The first part of Aristotle’s definition describes tragedy as the story of a good person. Similarly, Oedipus shows the traits of a good person. For example, Oedipus saves the town of Cadmus in the beginning of the story and the citizens there view Oedipus as a God. Thus, he becomes Oedipus Rex.
You gave us back our life.
Now, Oedipus great and glorious, we seek
Your help again. Find some deliverance for us
By anyway that god or man can show. (Sophocles , 26)
Furthermore, Oedipus is not blind and knows that his citizens are suffering from a disease that is spreading throughout the town turning their lives into a living hell. “But my heart bears the…

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