Essay A Traditional American Family

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Twist I have always contemplated the idea of a traditional American family. Thinking about a white picket fence life with a dog, two parents, and a big house with a red door has been a way to pass the time in my less than ideal life. Why do I imagine a family outside of my own? My family is pathetic. While I dream of my family being similar to the Brady Bunch, the tragic reality is, we are nothing like a sitcom family. My only family is my drunk, druggy, prostitute mother, who is not exactly the ideal person to bring to an elementary school career day. My mother, whom I call by her first name, Katherine, and myself live in a small, shoe box sized one-bedroom, one-bath apartment. I sleep in the bedroom on a mattress that rests on the floor; Katherine sleeps on our sofa that we found in the dump. The torn up, yellow-green colored sofa fits in well with the rest of the disgusting apartment. The walls are white with yellow smoke stains; holes in all sizes also add a little character to the walls. Our carpets are matted down with stains and the tiled floors have patterns of cracks. The faucets constantly drip red-rust colored water that tastes and smells of a bike that sat out in the rain too long. Our apartment is conveniently located in the worst part of town that even cops are intimidated by. On the corner of our street is where Katherine works from eight at night until six in the morning. She had a real job before me, although she never told me what it was. After her…

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