A Time Student Who Works Part Time Pay For Rent Essay

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I am a full time student who works part time to pay for rent. I do not have a lot of financial freedom, so I do not purchase a lot of things. On a typical Monday, I am not an incredible consumer, I am a moderate waster. On the day of my waste reflection, I woke up early for class. I followed my morning routine of sipping coffee from my Keurig coffee machine I brewed from a disposable k-cup and then I took a long shower to liven my mood. Before leaving for class on my bike, I filled my water bottle and shut off the lights. After class I met some friends for breakfast at a dining hall on campus. Everywhere I look I saw posters reminding students to take only what they can eat to reduce waste, and to use paper resources one at a time to conserve paper products. Despite Housing and Dining Services’ efforts to reduce waste by composting, I didn’t finish my omelet and granola cereal breakfast because the cereal became soggy. My actions disregard that I consume 3 times the grain than those in poorer countries. (Lecture 2) When I left breakfast, I reported to my favorite spot to study in the Norlin stacks. Norlin Library is a very large, open building with high ceilings in some areas and innumerous stacks of books that must be kept in a cool and dry environment. Controlling the interior climate of the library is made difficult for this reason. “Steam is used throughout the campus for heating and cooling…Norlin Library currently uses over one million dollars annually for…

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