A Time Of Rebellion During The War Of 1812 Essay

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A Time of Rebellion
The 1830’s through 1861 was a time of rebellion and progress. When Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical mower it increased the efficiency of wheat farming. The Market Revolution brought railways, new farming systems and an increased need for labor. Wheat farming, cotton trading, and industrial factories were expanding. Slaves did more work than ever before and rights of people were ignored. African American were slaves for too long and were finally getting sick of working for no pay and no freedom. During the War of 1812 women got a taste of what it would be like to have equal or more rights to men. Workers who were white no longer felt like the work they were doing was earning the pay they were receiving. Revolution was in the air for many different reasons. People were ready to fight for their own liberties against the people that tried to oppress them.
Slaves were ready to rise up against their white captures. Frederick Douglass was a great example of this. He was a slave but had a desire to be free. While growing up as a slave, Frederick Douglass didn 't know what life could be otherwise. When Frederick Douglass was an adult he no longer believed that slavery was his only option. He soon realized that it was time to stand up for all blacks that remain repressed. Like Frederick Douglass, a David walker was also a slave but was free. Walker was fervent in his fight for slavery and resorted often to violent tactics. David Walker wanted to like…

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