Essay about A Time Of Change And Happiness After World War II

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Raven Crowe
Moore 3
English II
9 October 2015
1950’s Fashion The 1950’s were a time of change and happiness after World War II. People were recovering from the war and what it had caused. Everything was booming during the 50’s, the economy, the suburb boom, and what people call a ‘baby boom’, which referred to the recorded 3.4 million babies that were born in the United States. People were confident with having children during the baby boom, because they thought the world held nothing but peace. Another thing that was booming was fashion. 1950’s fashion was heavily influenced by social, historical and political events of the 1950’s, also went through so many different clothing articles during the decade. The historical, political and social events of the 50’s were content and peaceful. The 50’s were a postwar, content time of business and motherly roles. The United States had taken a toll from World War II, and was in the process of recovering and getting back on it’s feet with business. Businessmen were expected to do the companies bidding at any time; the 50’s business life could be rigid and unfair at times. School life for the younger citizens shaped itself. Teachers and administrators treated the children as individuals, instead of adults, making the school life and learning system more hands on. The upcoming of music and movies in the 50’s impacted largely on the younger generation. Rock music, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and many more influenced the young…

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