A Threat And Risk Assessment Essay

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Threat and Risk Assessment:
The key to contingency planning
A Threat and Risk Assessment is a critical tool for understanding the innumerable threats to a business, determining the level of risk the business is exposed to, and recommending the appropriate level of protection. Whether or not a threat and risk assessment is conducted can make or break a business. Every business encounters issues, some more disastrous than others conducting a threat and risk assessment can keep businesses ahead of most or allow for preparation against the inevitable. Correctly conducting a threat and risk assessment along with implementing corrective measures devised from the assessment is imperative to the survival of any business.
What is a Threat and Risk assessment?
The phrase threat and risk assessment can be seen in many different segments from defense and building design to finance and information technology, even though all the segments are different the phrase has roughly the same meaning, a process used to find circumstances that can hinder operations along with producing a list of all possible threats the business might face. When relating to business contingency planning a threat and risk analysis is a two-step process. Avalution, an Ohio based company that is a leading provider of business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting, wrote similar definitions in an article. “Avalution defines the risk assessment as an identification and analysis of business risks that may…

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