A Thousand Mornings By Mary Oliver Essay

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Mary Oliver’s book collection of poems, “A Thousand Mornings” examines the author’s mornings through her poetry. Oliver’s depiction of the morning opens up reader’s eyes to the nature within those moments. All the poems in “A Thousand Mornings” are more like daily observations of Oliver’s mornings. Oliver uses her depictions of the morning, nature, and animals to create her poems in “A Thousand Mornings.” Oliver’s poem, “A Thousand Mornings” which she lists in her collection portrays her use of imagery and elements of nature which shows the reader how morning time brings her joy. National Public Radio (NPR) interviews with Mary Oliver and have a discussion about “A Thousand Mornings.” NPR asks her, “Have you always written in the mornings” (Martin 1)? Oliver response, “Yes, yes. I like the mornings. I like to give the mornings to those first good thoughts. And I suppose in a way it sets up the day” (Oliver 1) Oliver uses imagery to make her poems come to life in the reader’s minds by doing this she creates poetry that convince her readers that her depiction of the morning, nature, and wildlife around her brings her happiness, bliss, and “good thoughts.”

In “A Thousand Mornings,” Mary Oliver uses the imagery of nature to capture moments she experiences in the morning. In this collection of poems, she shares her love for morning time and the beauty of nature and animals. Oliver’s very first poem in the collection, “I Go Down to Shore” says in the first line, “I go down…

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