A Thesis Statement And Resources That Support My Opinions About A Letter

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I was always told that an essay is developed around a thesis statement and resources that support my opinions about a prompt. I realized that there was more to an essay when I came across scholarly writing, which is writing on a higher level, usually one which we come across during college. It meets high standards of communication with outlines, tone, deductive reasoning, format, and way of analytical approach. It has a consistent way of delivering thoughts, shaping arguments, and narrowing down the subject to explain the main idea.

With scholarly writing, students must express their thoughts through thesis statements, and develop an argument with their own thinking, not minding to be objective to clear any chance of bias. And they must present resources or evidence to support their arguments.Through high school writing, or what I call the chaotic writing, students only collect facts, write every little possible resource they could find to support an argument forgetting to even side with or disagree with it. Teachers and professors are appalled by the essays their students write. In one of Professor Sommers writings, she observes that “Many of the students who come to my classes have been trained to collect facts; they act as if their primary job is to accumulate enough authorities so that there is no doubt about the "truth" of their thesis.”(I stand here writing 425). In fact, students may have forgotten that their opinions are a primary element in creative or personal…

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