Essay about A Theory That I Have A Good Communication

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One theory that I have developed by participating in and observing my everyday family life is that good communication equals a healthy harmonic relationship. My family always demonstrated good communication amongst one another. Whenever we have a disagreement about something, we talk about it with another. We are a very close knit family and we all have tight relationship with each other. The concept of this theory is if you have good communication between family members, then you will have a healthy relationship. For instance, if I am mad at my brother because of something he did or said, I would go talk to him directly about it. Depending on how mad I am, I would wait until I calm down to discuss the issue. Another concept to this theory is that each member has to be open and honest with one another. This mean that you tell the truth about how you feel and about things going in your life. The assumptions of this theory is if you have daily conversations with your family members then you will have a healthy relationships. In my opinion, it takes more than just having conversations to have good communication with someone. It takes being pride less, having trust, and great listening skills to build good communication. Once you establish good communication with someone then it can lead to a healthy relationship.

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2) After reading Chapter 5, the list of roles in order of importance for me is the mover, opposer, follower, and then the bystander. I feel like each…

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