A Theory Of Multiple Intelligences Essay

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A Rounded Version: A Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Critics of Multiple Intelligence Test are saying it is just another excuse to fail at learning. In fact, they are chopping it up to being gifted in another area. However, I took the MI test and it was right on the mark saying I tested highest in Kinaesthetic, intrapersonal, and interpersonal. Therefore, Intrapersonal is like when I’m being honest with myself as when I took the test. Next, I agree with the test when it says my stronger points are coordination, being in tune to my surroundings, and knowing exactly who I am. Finally, I believe the MI test is correct after completing all the questions it had to ask. First of all, I wasn’t shocked in the least bit when I found out I scored the highest in Intrapersonal Intelligence. Furthermore, after reading and understanding the definition of Intrapersonal, which refers to someone who is on queue with one’s self. Not only would you have to know who you are but also know what your motivation is to reach your goals. For example, I’m very aware of all my strong points not to mention my weakness stick out like a sour thumb to me. For instance, I have a strong personality that usually dominates my surroundings and I use this to my advantage in everyday life. As in as, I have adopted my niece, Khloe, because my younger sister passed away in a car accident last fall. Although, I am a felon and it is against state laws for me to adopt a child I used my unique imperious…

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