Essay on A Theory By Mill 's Theory

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This is a theory by Mill that seeks to explain that one’s actions are right as they tend to bring happiness and wrong if they produce sadness. Happiness is then defined as the absence of pain. He argues that pleasure can differ in quality and quantity and that peoples achievements should be counted as part of their happiness. This theory is seen to coincide with humans’ social nature. Mill argues that the sole basis of morality in a society in happiness and that everyone desires to be happy. He explains that every other object is a means to happiness or an item of happiness. He explains that justice and human rights exist in a society because they are necessary for people’s happiness. This theory has however being criticized in for many reasons. Critics believe that it does not provide adequate protection for human rights and that not everything can be measured. They believe that happiness is so diverse and thus cannot be measured by any standards. To support his arguments, Mill explains presents some misconceptions about his theory, discusses about the ultimate rewards that utilitarianism can offer, methods of proving the validity and the connection between justice and utility. He also explains about the qualitative and the quantitative differences in pleasure. Mill argued that some pleasures are qualitatively better than others. He feared that more emphasis on pleasure would reduce his theory to hedonism. Mill argues that higher mental pleasures are superior in quality…

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