A Theology Of God 's Creation Of The Earth And Human Creation

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Anh Cao
THEO 201 – B05

Biblical Worldview Paper

Human life is full of surprises and unpredictable events, sometimes even unanswerable. In fact, behind those circumstances is an awesome plan that God, who has an unconditional love for humans, has already built up for each individual. That endless love is explained throughout the King of Kings’ creation of the earth and His involvement in our daily lives. Having the Great I Am in every aspect of life helps us not only become more confident in walking through ups and downs, but also keep up strengthen our faiths and beliefs in Him. This essay will present a theology of God’s creation and demonstrate how His involvement impacts my career in Business and Finance.

Survey of the Biblical doctrine of Creation
In Old Testament, Genesis is considered as history of the earth and human creation. Only from very first few chapters, we can notice that “God [with the power of His voice] created the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1:1). He created everything on six literal days, including universe, nature, night, day, animal, and human beings. God showed us how to conduct our weeks as working six days per week, but then He gave us one day, the seventh day, to rest. Even though our Lord God was really busy with His creation, He still cared about us, He wanted us to fully spend one day per week, Sunday, to go to church, to hang out with our beloved ones and to glorify the Great I Am. Beyond that, it is such a bless that “God…

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