A Theme Of American History Essay

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Civic Engagement
A theme in American history reveals the fascination America has with Black deaths as entertainment. The most popular TV shows and movies easily dictate the ways in which people view Black lives. Countless entertainment programs promote Americans to believe the lives of African-Americans are accurately reflected on television. The constant barrages of negative stereotypes involving Black people in the entertainment industry desensitize audiences from understanding the values of African American lives.
Empire, an exceedingly popular TV show, greatly influences the ways people perceive African Americans. Empire captivates all of its followers by sensationalized drama. The show presents the problem of tainting and even destroying the reputation of African American lives. Empire depicts a successful Black family who prospered from musical talent and street smarts of gambling and selling drugs (Daniels, 2015). Shows comparable to this create opportunities for its watchers to formulate the negative opinion claiming Black people can become rich and successful in life by some kind of illicit behavior rather than a result from drive, talent, hard work or education (Curtis, 2015). Thousands of high paying jobs are available for people in America, however when referring to a wealthy Black person, the main career associations merely include drugs, entertainment or sports. African Americans fall prey to this notion of linked fate as they search for job opportunities. The…

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