A Textbook On The Civil War Essay

1357 Words Sep 26th, 2016 6 Pages
A textbook may inform a student about the important generals, battles, and outcome of the Civil War, but it does not display the information in a personal format. A textbook may give a student a list of statistics to regurgitate for an exam, but then what did the student really learn? It is important for not only students, but the general public to learn about the Civil War through primary documents. We can learn far more about what really happened during the war by reading documents written by the common everyday soldiers. We can more readily connect to what occurred in the Civil War by reading about people like ourselves, instead of the famous generals that are written about in textbooks. To even further someone’s understanding about the Civil War, they can find a specific document that mentions areas that they are specifically interested in. This is exactly what I did. To gain more knowledge about the Civil War, I searched for a couple different keywords that are related to education. I decided to search for keywords related to this topic because I plan to become a teacher one day. The first keyword I searched with was teacher; the result was a type of compiled book. The second keyword I searched was education, but did not find what I was looking for. The last keyword I searched for was school; there were twenty three matches. First I attempted to read the letters that were not transcribed, but found it rather difficult. I noticed a collection of transcribed letters…

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