Essay on A Temporary Matter By Jhumpa Lahiri

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In Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story “A Temporary Matter” readers are introduced to two characters Shukumar, a student as well as a teacher and Shoba, a proofreader. A short but simple story “A Temporary Matter” focuses heavily on the theme of lost love between the two protagonists. As the story progresses layers about each character is revealed in a chain of events. Lahiri demonstrates in “A Temporary Matter” how the loss can affect a relationship and showcases it with the techniques of setting and pacing.
Setting and pacing are key to any story and can affect the credibility of the story. Caren Gussoff, an author that wrote for Gotham Writers’ Workshop Writing Fiction explained the importance of setting and pacing. “Setting can actually enhance the emotional landscape of a piece, affecting the atmosphere and mood” (Gussoff 157). Gussoff clarifies that setting is what makes a story credible and affects the tone of the story. One would not write about a death and have the somber funeral take place in the middle of a euphoric circus it does not make the story believable. A clear setting that corresponds with the plot is key in any story. In Lahiri’s short story the setting where the majority of the interactions between Shukumar and Shoba take place are in the home, mainly the kitchen. Lahiri does a great job by using the kitchen as a setting which allow the readers to learn personal information and how the food, space and emotions connect to the protagonists. Within the story one…

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