Essay on A Temporary Matter By Jahpa Lahiri

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In A Temporary Matter, Jahpa Lahiri writes on Shoba Shukumar who were once madly in love. After three years of marriage, one tragic event changed the dynamics of their relationship forever. These two used to be joined at the hip now they are rarely in the same room. there is little to no conversation, affection, nor physicality between them. Shoba thought it would be a good idea for Shukumar to go to an academic conference in Baltimore, reluctantly, Shukumar went. While he was at the conference, Shoba went into labor. One 's’ worst nightmare came true: a stillborn child. Shukumar missed the labor and did not mourn the loss of their child with Shoba at that moment.
After her release from the hospital, Shoba, went into a fit of rage once she arrived home. Soon she became a stranger to her husband. They ensured they never crossed each other’s pathway. Shoba took over their living room and dining table. Shukumar intentionally began working in the soon to be nursery, knowing Shoba could not and would not go into there. With the loss of her child, Shoba became a different person. Her neat freak ways were now nonexistent. Shukumar picked up behind her, “She wasn’t this way before...But now she treated the house as if it were a hotel.”(304). She became engulfed in her work, now spending as much time away from Shukumar. Shukumar found it hard to focus on his dissertation. He’s now taken on duties as cooking and cleaning that once belonged to Shoba. You will see that she cares less…

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