A Temporary Band Aid For A Lifelong Endeavor Essay

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A Temporary Band-Aid to a Lifelong Endeavor
Considering today’s society where everything is marketed for convenience, it comes as no surprise that the prevalence of obesity continues to swell. From fast-food and drive-throughs to Super Wal-Marts and “Skinny Pills”, the marketing industry has accomplished the ability to make every day activities almost effortless. Why slave over counting calories or struggling to make time for the gym when you can painlessly take a pill instead? Phentermine is a widely distributed supplement for quick weight loss, however this short-term drug, as do many other “skinny pills”, leaves people at risk for serious health problems, drug abuse, and is ultimately not conducive to long-term weight management.
Is it not peculiar that some doctors are still fighting fire with fire? Obesity is a condition characterized by excess amounts of body fat. With an overabundance of fat, the human body is at risk for serious health issues including diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and hypertension. In a battle to lose weight and increase the odds of freedom from all the complications related to obesity, what seems more appealing to the person in distress, instant gratification or results which take time and effort? This is a no-brainer. What most people do not realize is that Phentermine, like excess weight, can put very similar strains on the heart and cardiovascular system. Since Phentermine has been known to speed up the…

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