Essay about A Teacher 's Teacher Needs

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The Teacher
There are many roles a teacher needs must be willing to exhibit. A teacher must motivate their students to want to learn (critical blog). A teacher needs to have an environment that is friendly and inviting to students and their families. Clear communication with students and their family, colleagues, and other professionals is essential for student success. Teachers need to model equality and diversity by respecting others and displaying appropriate behavior. We also need to adhere to local and state standards, assess students, and adjust lessons as necessary to meet students learning needs.
Teachers need to be willing to participate in an outreach night for students and family. This does require a teacher to go above their normal class duties and requires collaboration with others teachers.
The Administration
Superintendent- has direct oversight over the district education process and oversees all staff members, students, and school buildings. The Superintendent needs to make sure that each school building administration is meeting federal, state, and district policies. It is also the responsibility of the administration to allow use of their building for community use. This could be allowing a displaced church to hold service in their school, a community to hold neighborhood meetings, and encourage teacher staff to hold family activity nights for students. When activity nights are presented it would be the role of the administration to develop a newsletter.…

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