Essay on A Teacher 's Personality And Teaching Style

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It is the concern of my group members and I that students from k-12 are not getting the proper support from teachers. The idea that is implemented on teachers is to be supported and to pay attention on each and every student. Teachers are the ones who play a big role on the goals and aspirations every student has for themselves. A teacher’s personality and teaching style can have a deep impact on children’s academic performance and general development. If their teachers demonstrate that their students are capable of doing or becoming anyone in life it will create a motive in students that tells them regardless of their situation, they are in possession of who they want to be as adults.
Many students around the Monterey County have been in classrooms where their teachers are inexplicably strict, criticize excessively, and whose punishment orientation is out of hand. In the Chualar Elementary School, during the academic school year of 2012-2013 a 3rd grade teacher had a strict teaching style that caused her students to develop a negative self esteem and low their self worth. My sister Jocelyn Cervantes was part of that years cohort and was one of the students who was yelled at and caused her a humiliation in front of her peers. Because that teacher was punishing her for relatively small disciplinary issues and giving her harsh unrealistic consequences, was only intimidating and causing my sister to lose interest in her education.
As I proceeded to interview my sister, I…

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