A Teacher That Is Always Yelling When You Walk By Room 291 Essays

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Who is that teacher that is always yelling when you walk by room 291? Well for starters, his name is Joe Hoyt and he is the Drama 1 and 2 teacher. He also runs the Drama Department in Joliet Central High School. As a regular student walking by and hearing him scream, you might think he’s yelling at his class but in reality he’s just teaching us how to become better actors. His teaching methods might not be your average ways of learning but then again, he’s not an average teacher. Mr. Hoyt started his coming of age at age 9, when he fell in love with acting. When asked why he started acting at 9, he laughed and stated, “My parents wanted me out of the house I was a nuisance, I was an energy ball, and I was annoying, and my parents literally wanted me out of the house in the winter time. So my dad saw an ad and said hey what do you think about this son and I said sure. So he took me and that meant I was gone for 5 days a week and everyone was happy”. Growing up in a “predominantly black neighbor in a very semi poor area… influenced the way I looked at life and the friends I had, taught me a lot of hard lessons about life growing up in a not so great neighborhood” stated Mr. Hoyt when asked if the place he grew up had an impact in his life.
He believes that coming of age is when you are no longer dependent on your parent, he stated that at age 14 he was no longer dependent on his parents because although he was still living with his parents, he was no longer asking them to…

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