A Teacher Is An Effective Teacher Essay

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Everyone has to attend school now that it has been made available for everyone. While memories may not be the most memorable for students there is something that no matter who you are gets remembered the teacher. It is believed that anyone can be a teacher just because you have attended school while this can be debated there is one thing that remains to be a successful educator it requires more than this. Teachers are the shapers of the mind and have contributed to some our greatest achievements. Teaching happens in many different areas not just in a classroom, however they all need to share similar capabilities.
To be an effective teacher there are certain qualities to be posed and attained called attributes. Generally there is said to be a seven that lead to a good teacher. Think about a favorite you may have had what sticks out about them? It probably was due to them having these attributes knowledgeable, alive, articulate, innovative, patient, committed, and able to find joy in teaching. In order to pass knowledge down to students a teacher has to be knowledgeable in their own regards. This means that the time has been taken out to attain as much comprehension on a subject or subjects as possible. Students will be able to tell if a teacher is knowledgeable when they teach. (Koch, 2012)
The first step is understanding the overall teaching scope. Learning the ins and the outs of the profession are a key ingredient in making sure the goal of teaching is possible. Next a…

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