Essay on A Teacher At Mrs. Mcgraw 's Classroom A Kindergarten Teacher

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Upon arriving at Mrs. McGraw’s classroom a kindergarten teacher for the interviewed, welcomed me with a sincere smile. Mrs. McGraw has been a teacher for more than a decade, the primary reason for choosing this teacher is because her foremost emphasis is to work with the ELLs, I have seen firsthand the way she motivates all her students to reach their educational success. consequently, at the beginning of a new school year she request that all new kindergarteners whose primary language is not English to be in her classroom, therefore, providing an upscale education in the early years is a priority for Mrs. McGraw.
First of all, selecting the accurate questions to interview Mrs. McGraw was not an easy assignment, however, the factor I took into consideration was that she enjoyed to work with students whose primary language is not English. Therefore, I was eager to learn what strategies she use to teach all her students to become proficient and be ready for first grade.
Moreover, while conducting the interview I learned that to become a teacher you must first have a vocation and determination to move forward in this profession. Mrs. McGraw mentioned that even though working with students is up most rewarding job, I need to realize that in order to be an affective teacher, learning to prioritized is a must, for instance, this profession does not end when the students leaves the school and come back next day, as a teacher the after school paper work is imperative to help the…

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