A Talk With A Pep Talk Essay

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Has there ever been a day where you just felt bone weary, tired and depleted of energy and strength because you become overwhelmed either by pain of the body and soul, problems facing the day, or dealing with increasing pressures to get things done because of a constant deadline? We all have had these kinds of days or weeks, and then out of the blue, at the right time and place, someone comes up and offers a pep talk that lifts you up, inspires you, and makes feel good again. Being on the receiving end getting a pep talk from someone who really cares about you is just what’s needed from him or her. You are such a person who may be placed in a position to give a pep talk yourself, for a reason to give another person the resilience to persevere.
How did it make you feel when you heard a pep talk by your football, basketball or volleyball coach at halftime? Remember when your hometown coach of the high school football team delivered such a charged up pep talk at halftime that you won your State Championship Game? Because of such pep talks, the local football team won the championship game, year after year. And that’s the way it is all through the Scriptures where the people of God are given countless pep talk to keep focused, to keep looking up at the face of Christ to go forward in the journey of faith day after day. You and I are affected by such sermons where we are given a sure and certain hope of the resurrection new life, new beginnings, new opportunities, and…

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