A Tale Of Two Cities Essay

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People compare everything, from sports teams to ice cream flavors. These comparisons can even be between one’s self and another person. People do this action in order to see how they feel, such as seeing if they like one idea more than the other. Because of this, authors use comparisons for duality. Charles Dickens is known for using comparisons in many of his works, such as Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, and most notably, A Tale of Two Cities (Snodgrass). Recognized for its famous introduction, the novel constantly uses contradictions. Dickens purposely uses these contrasts throughout A Tale of Two Cities to change how the readers feel. He shows contrast everywhere, whether it be the words, characters, or setting he chooses. Dickens uses duality in A Tale of Two Cities to manipulate the reader 's feelings throughout the novel.
A famous pairing throughout the novel, Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay are polar opposites who are often judged by the reader. When the characters are first introduced during the trial, Dickens describes Charles as a well-looking, self-possessed gentlemen (Dickens 70) and Sydney as an untidy, careless drunk (Dickens 84). This introduction to the characters automatically makes the readers more sympathetic towards Charles, since everyone at the trial wants him to be convicted, even though he seems to be a decent man. On the other hand, readers seem to be indifferent to Sydney since his drunkenness makes it appear as if he brought his fate upon…

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