Essay A Tale Of Two Cities By George Dickens

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Suffering is a main trigger that results in anger .In A tale of two cities , suffering is the dominant atmosphere of the novel , and it is necessary to create the atmosphere of anger that leads to the revolution . Dickens uses fiction not to narrate events and actions but to attract the reader’s attention towards serious issues that resulted by false attitudes and feelings. Poverty and class struggle show the ultimate level of suffering in France at that time, the French aristocrats persecution over the poor and deprive those of the lower classes ,he describes that as ”saint Antoine was one of the poorest parts of paris. Hunger was written on the face of every man and woman there , and the children had the sad faces of old” (Dickens 7). Poverty and suffering are shown in wine scene chapter five when a wine bottle is broken in front of a store and peasants run eagerly to drink this spilt wine ,an “All the people within reach had suspended their business, or their idleness, to run to the spot and drink the wine.” Arlene Younge in his book culture,class and Gender in the Victorian novel states that “Dickens dramatizes the circumscribed nature of lower –middle-class life most deftly ,most provocatively and most memorably …” (97) .Younge confirms this main trigger of anger and assures that Dickens has focused on this to portray how French people have suffered . Injustice is one of the sides of suffering that results in anger and revolution . Dickens in his novel…

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