Essay about A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities is a sprawling narrative in many respects; it takes place over the course of decades and brings with it birth, death, and the manifold changes in between. Perhaps no change, however, is more remarkable than that which Sydney Carton undergoes. The Carton at the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities has a dogged resolution to remain miserable, convinced that he is not meant to have meaningful relationships; slowly, though, through the friendship of Lucie Manette, a more human side of him emerges. An argument could certainly be made that Lucie changes him, but it may be more plausible yet to say that her influence just peels back a cold exterior to reveal a more compassionate side of Carton that he was not willing to show the world before bonding with Lucie.
In Sydney’s very first conversation with Charles Darnay – the man whose life is fatally intertwined with his, though neither of them know it yet – he reveals himself to be utterly flat. “I am a disappointed drudge, sir,” he tells Darnay with almost a hint of stubborn pride; “I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me” (63). There is a certain resolve to his state – he may not like the fact that he has no significant friendships, but he has accepted that things are a certain way, and he cannot muster any kind of motivation to change that. He says it as a fact, as if his state is set in stone; there is no wishful “if only there were a man on earth who cared for me” in his…

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