A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essay

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Dickens writing style in A Tale of Two Cities is gothic and eery. Dickens writing is abounding of violence and oppression and he utilizes diction that musters a feeling of brutality and pity toward the characters. Violence is a prevailing pattern in A Tale of Two Cities. Dickens goal is to help the reader experience the violence and bloodshed families experienced during the French Revolution. He achieved this goal by adding characters and symbols that have violent characteristics or characters that experience violence. He also adds violence with historical background. Dickens uses a place where violence and oppression was a severe problem. The book is brimming with violence, based on its historical background, characters, and symbols.
A Tale of Two Cities proceeds in France and England during the French Revolution. Dickens location choice is favorable to the book because France provides the readers with a real experience of oppression and violence in a society. Bloom’s Literature described France and England as “ … A [France] detailed description of an execution by horrible mutilation, and to England by a rapid series of images of murder, mob violence, and hangings” (1). France during the revolution was the definition of violence. The city was in ruins and turmoil, with unjust killings, riots, and heads on pikes everyday to many innocent people. While on the other hand, England was a safe haven even with the murders and violence. England was a much safer place than France,…

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