A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essay

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A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, takes place during the French Revolution. During this time period, Dickens writes of townspeople who face incredibly unjust acts as a result of the start of the French Revolution. Poverty and the corruption of the ruling class are common in this moment and the cause of many problems. A Tale of Two Cities takes place during a historical time, yet has its own narrative, making it a historical novel. A man named Georg Lukacs, who was a Marxist, wrote a work called, Historical Novel. In his piece of work, Lukacs came up with thirteen conventions that help differentiate the genre, historical novel, from all others. Historical novels are so important because they are based on actually time periods and allow us to better understand life during that time in a real life way. Some conventions are more obvious than others in the book, but Dickens’ uses all thirteen conventions, making A Tale of Two Cities, a famous historical novel. As the book progresses, one convention is everlasting –awareness of economic conditions. Dickens harps on the awareness of economic conditions. Throughout his book, he provides extremely detailed and touching scenes that reveal severity of poverty during that time.
In book one, chapter five is labeled The Wine Shop. This is the first extreme case of poverty Dickens portrays. In the chapter, a wine casket breaks open in the streets of Paris and people race to the pool of spilled wine, soaking their handkerchiefs…

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