A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essays

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In most cases, men are used to symbolize strength. Nonetheless, in the novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, he uses the female characters to symbolize strength. The setting takes place before and during the French Revolution. Lucie is loving and provides hope for others, while Madame Defarge is not afraid of violence, revenge, and cruelty. However, each female character portrays strength differently. Without the women in the novel, the men would have not been able to make the decisions they made based off of the women’s actions. Both of these women’s strengths impacted the characters of the novel in different ways. Lucie impacted her father and Sydney Carton’s life due to her bright affection while the atypical Madame Defarge’s revolutionary strength was the start of a new era for her people.
Lucie Manette, daughter of Dr. Manette, was the golden-haired, blue eyed, and was described as the most beautiful woman. During her eighteen years of living, she was told, and she believed, that her parents were dead. However, that changed when Mr. Lorry told Lucie Manette to meet at Tellson’s Bank in Dover to discuss the business of her supposedly dead father. Once Mr. Lorry revealed the truth about her father’s imprisonment, she was committed to Dr. Manette for the rest of her life. The first time she saw him in prison was with Mr. Lorry. Dr. Manette was startled by their arrival and he could not recognize who they were; he was dealing with psychological trauma. Although…

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