A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essay

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Memorable novels such as A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, include meaningful themes which also pertain to life. The themes within the novel allow the reader to understand the triumphs and tragedies of characters and aids in the reader’s comprehension of specific situations which can be difficult to understand. Numerous themes are found inside A Tale of Two Cities, but one particular theme supersedes the rest. Resurrection is the most significant theme of the novel. Without the theme of resurrection, many questions would be left unanswered and the reader would most likely lose interest in the novel. Resurrection is the most significant theme in A Tale of Two Cities because it is prevalent in the life of Sydney Carton, it is used in a variety of ways throughout the novel and it is the main focus of the plot.
Resurrection is the most significant theme of A Tale of Two Cities because of how it is portrayed through the life of Sydney Carton. Sydney Carton is a character in Dickens’s novel who manifests the theme of resurrection inside of him. Dickens showed the reader the theme of resurrection through the character of Sydney Carton. Resurrection is a prominent motif of Carton’s life. Sydney is reborn numerous times throughout the novel. A palpable example of such resurrection is through his sacrifice to save the Darnay family. As stated by John Kucich:

Carton’s death blends perfectly, almost ritualistically, the two irreconcilable human values of ultimate…

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