A Tale For The Time Being Centers Around Three Significant Disasters

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A Tale for the Time Being centers around three significant disasters. One of them is human-made and the other two are “natural” disasters. The three disasters are the 9/11 attack, the earthquake that hit Japan in 2011, and the tsunami of 2011 that soon followed. These three disasters affect Nao and Ruth as a result of them being connected to America and Japan. All three disasters connect Nao and Ruth, however the most crucial one is that of the tsunami. It constantly looms over the narration of the story. The tsunami signifies a future disaster for Nao and a past disaster for Ruth; however, it is the factor that brings them together. Although the tsunami is a “natural” disaster and is depicted as such there is an alternative meaning for it in the novel. In the lives of Nao and Ruth the tsunami is the opposite of a disaster as it results in the connection between the main characters as well as the component that allows them to defy time.
The tsunami itself was a natural disaster that affected the lives of many people. Ruth discovers this through her online research of the disaster. “His wife and son were dragged away. He thought he could still reach them (112). The tsunami literally tore family’s apart and left destruction in its wake. Millions of homes were lost with many of them being dragged into the sea. Countless more people were killed or never found after the tsunami. This large body of water connected a mass number of people through the effects it had on the areas…

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