The American Dream In Dierks Bently's Song 'Coming To America'

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The American dream; real or is it just a fantasy? To many Americans and also those who are arriving from other countries the term “American dream” can be considered a symbol of hope. Neil Diamond spends his time explaining how hard it is to come to America, and some of the problems that occur, as well as the objected outcome of the American dream. Next, in “Only in America”, by Brooks and Dunn show how the American dream is dreaming big and getting a chance to do whatever it is your heart desires, as well as explaining their belief that the children is the American future. Thirdly, dierks Bently’s song “Home” describes all the hardships that the country of America has went through, as well as explaining that there is better days to come. …show more content…
Diamond Explains this dream very clearly in his song “Coming to America”. He says “Home, to a new and shiny place”, this stanza of his song shows that the people of foreign countries coming to the land of America dream almost the same dream that The people of this country dream of. He also explains how the freedom of this country is like a light burning bright for other countries. Just as the American dream is a symbol of those living rough lives as a symbol of hope that the dream can be reached and the life that the people have dreamed of is achievable. Last of all, Neil shows the freedom that this country has for the belief of religion, Because he says, “and we’ll say our grace”, this showing that it dont matter who or what it is you worship you can have it your way in America. To many people of all races this is a dream, the American dream. Also there are other artist that share their outlook on the dream of many

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