A Swimming Pool Are Neither Pennies And Nickels

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Register to read the introduction… There are x coins in a jar. If one coin is to be selected at random, the probability that a penny will be selected randomly is 2/5 and the probability that a nickel will be selected randomly is 1/4. In terms of x, how many coins are neither pennies nor nickels? 37. A swimming pool can hold y gallons at maximum capacity. If a hose can fill the pool at a rate of x gallons per second, which of the following expressions represents the time, in minutes, to fill an empty swimming pool to 90% capacity? 38. Lisa, Sally and Jessica all sold lemonade outside of their houses. Lisa sold k cups of lemonade. Sally sold five cups less than twice as many cups of lemonade as Lisa, and Jessica sold nine cups more than three times the number of cups that Sally sold. In terms of k, how many cups of lemonade did Jessica sell? 6k – 6 39. The average of 2 numbers is A. When a third number is included, the average becomes B. What is the third number in terms of A and B? 3B - 2A 40. In a six-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles, an airplane averages 200 miles per hour during the first t hours until it reaches cruising altitude. Once at the cruising altitude, the airplane travels at 545 miles per hour for the remainder of the trip. If terms of t, where t < 6, how far is the flight? 545 × 6 - …show more content…
If the steps above are followed in order, which of the following is a simplified expression for the result? -7y + 11x 42. Jacob wants to buy new school supplies. If pens cost 75 cents each and notebooks cost 2 dollars each, which of the following represents the cost, in dollars, of p pens and n notebooks? 43. The force exerted on an object is defined as the product of the mass of the object and its acceleration. The force exerted on a ball is initially f. If the mass of the ball remains the same but the acceleration decreases by a factor of three, what is the resulting force on the ball? 44. The original price of a pair of pants was p dollars but they were discounted x percent during a seasonal sale. If the sales tax of y percent was applied to the discounted price, which of the following represents the price, in dollars, of the pants? 45. A hotdog stand buys hot dogs by the carton. Each carton has p packages of hot dogs, and each package contains h hot dogs. If each carton of hot dogs costs c dollars, what is the cost per hot dog? c/ph

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