A Sustainable City Is A City Essay examples

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A sustainable city is a city designed with consideration of environmental impact, inhabited by people dedicated to minimization of required inputs of energy, waste output of heat, air pollution CO2, methane, and water pollution (A Sustainable City). In a world where society needs to be in constant motion to thrive, energy outputs are high and this equals pollution. There are some cities out there that have decided to look at the idea of reducing their energy outputs or find more efficient ways to create energy. These cities are called: sustainable cities. They are self-sufficient with their usage of energy and attempt to reduce pollution on environment. If humanity started to copy what some of these cities are doing than maybe there would be an improvement in the quality of life. Some people disagree with the idea of leaving fossil fuels as main energy source though. They believe that it would be too monumental to stop usage of fossil fuels. Although some people believe that humanity can never stop using fossil fuels, people need to realize the only way to obtain a healthier planet is through reducing energy output to help obtain stainable cities and focusing on the facts such as: CO2 is harmful substance given off from fossil fuels, that there are other forms of producing energy besides fossil fuels, such as wind power, and reducing energy output from transportation by having a better public transportation system. People may not seem to realize that cutting off fossil…

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