Essay on A Survey On Healthcare Agencies

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These 21 managers come from 13 care agencies in Shanghai. These care agencies vary in size and geographical coverage of service provision. As Figure 1 shows, 3 of them only provide services in one sub-district, 7 agencies have care stations over several districts in Shanghai, and 3 agencies provide care services in several cities in China (e.g. Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu). The sizes of recruited agencies vary from small local station to big chain companies, which represent different models of care agencies in urban China as well as different relationships between agencies and local governments.
Figure 1. Geographical coverage of care agencies
The public officials are recruited from four sub-districts (jiedao) in Shanghai (two sub-districts in Puding District, one in Yangpu District, and one in Huangpu District). These local regulators are public officials who have direct working connections with care agencies and service users in the community (juwei) and sub-district (jiedao) governments or Civil Affairs Bureau (sub-district level) in Shanghai. During the fieldwork, I found these public officials at sub-district level also act as purchasers in the care market.
Sampling methods of this research includes purposive sampling through 3 personal contacts and snowballing sampling through recruited interviewees. Both purposive sampling and snowballing sampling are non-probability samplings popular in qualitative research. As Tichapondwa (2013) argued, the purposive/judgmental…

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